Women’s History Month is slowly coming to an end, but here at COSIGN Magazine we don’t stop acknowledging women and their accomplishments. When it comes to the restaurant industry, it is heavily male dominated. However, it’s important that we recognize that there are women restaurateurs and they are killing it in the industry! Here are 10 women-owned restaurants that we #COSIGN.

1. Soulgood

Location: Denton, TX

Soulgood is an all vegan restaurant/food truck. Their mission is to save the planet, people, and animals and through their food. Soulgood is dedicated to giving back to their community through every meal that the serve, so whenever you’re purchasing anything, you know you’re giving back to a great cause! You can find this delicious plant-based restaurant on the Texas Women’s University campus and it is open to the public!

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2. The Aussie Grind

Location: Frisco, TX

If you’ve never tried Australian cuisine, then this restaurant is a great place to start! The Aussie Grind is dedicated to providing the experience of an Australian cafe to all of their customers. They pride themselves in their coffee and breakfast, which their chefs and employees start preparing very early every morning! They also have a tasty and extensive lunch menu. This place is perfect for all times of day!

3. Red Stix Street Food

Location: Dallas, TX

Red Stix Street Food is the pinnacle of Asian street food! Every dish is inspired by Chef Uno’s childhood memories in Thailand. The finishing touch on each bowl or sandwich is a Red Stix, which is their signature yakitori skewer. Located near the Southern Methodist University campus, this delicious restaurant is all the rave! They’re also opening up a location in Farmers Branch really soon!

4. Sveta

Location: New York, NY

Sveta is a restaurant dedicated to providing their customers with a Modern European Cuisine experience. The owner, Sveta moved from Ukraine and co-owns the restaurant with her son. With every dish and interaction, they provide that heart-warming family atmosphere. If you’re looking for exotic Eastern European food, check out this lovely restaurant in the West Village!

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5. Lucky's Cocktail Lounge

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Lucky’s Cocktail is a warm and intimate Cocktail Lounge. They offer a variety of spirits, accompanied by full flavor tapas. They are located in the heart of Bed-Stuy, with their extensive drink menu and tasty food! If you’re look for a Happy Hour that lasts all day, then this may be the place for you. Mondays are THE day for an all day Happy Hour. Next time you’re in Brooklyn and looking for a nice place to vibe and have drinks, check them out!

6. Ngon Vietnamese Kitchen

Location: Dallas, TX

“Ngon” means delicious, and that’s exactly what their food is!  This lovely restaurant is rooted in home cooking and inspired by food served by street vendors in Vietnam! Ngon is not only women-owned, but it is also women-led. From the food to the ambience, the owner, Carol Nguyen strives to bring a little piece of home to Greenville! 

7. Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

Location: Atlanta, GA

Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours is a modern soul food restaurant based out of Atlanta. The owner and chef, Deborah VanTrece is actually a former flight attendant and used her years of travel to inspire her dishes. With her restaurant, she is dedicated to creating community and bringing together different cultures. 

8. Loaded Potato Bar

Location: Atlanta, GA

Loaded Potato Bar is a hip-hop themed restaurant based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They put a twist on the traditional form of the loaded baked potato. Their potato dishes are fully loaded, perfectly cooked, and well seasoned! If you love loaded potatoes and hip-hop music, be sure to give them a try!

9. Cuernavaca's Grill

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Cuernavaca Grill is and authentic Mexican Cuisine. This restaurant is a family-owned and operated restaurant and provides that Latino hospitality through every bite and interaction. They have a full bar and even offer catering services! Cuernavaca Grill is known for their fresh ingredients in every single dish, so you know for sure you’re never lacking in authenticity! 

10. La Josie's

Location: Seattle, WA

La Josie’s is a bar located on the Hill in Seattle. They provide a laid-back atmosphere, small bites, and an extensive menu of drinks! If you’re looking for a nice place to lounge, eat, and enjoy a margarita, check them out!



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