[PHOTOS] A Night With SZA in Dallas, Tx

This past Saturday in Dallas, TX, Spencer Clements & SKNY teamed up to bring TDE’s very own oh so beautiful & talented female artist, SZA, to Southside Music Hall. Not only did they bring SZA, but they brought Tut and Tommy Swisher, who brought along Rikki Blue, Theo Ferragamo, and Dallas’ current hottest artist, G.U.N. […]

OGG Everlasting, The Debut Project from the Atlanta-based Collective, OGG

The debut project from the Atlanta-based collective, OGG, has finally been released! We reviewed the entire thing yesterday, and we just have to give this tape a huge cosign. OGG Everlasting was a strategic move to not only introduce all the artists of the OGG camp, but also to show their talent. And this was […]