ISSUE No. 24




Cover: Karen Civil
Photographer: Kauwuane Burton
Stylist: Kristin McIntyre
MUA: Jamie Dionne
Hair: Addy Moore

Issue XXIV – Letter From The Editor

These Roman numerals are getting up there, looks like we’re on it, huh? Let me chill, I don’t want y’all thinking we’re getting big headed. We are confident though, coming off of our Blueprint Summit over the summer, in which we had speakers from all walks of entrepreneurship, AND this is “The Power Issue,” and we’re proving all the time that power can be as simple as being able to make that right COSIGN and changing the trajectory of someone else’s life.

This issue is also doubling as The COSIGN Awards Dinner And Gala issue as well, because we are dropping this magazine the night of the event. It’s our second one, and will be bigger than last year.

This issue features two very successful women in their fields. On one cover: Ms. Wears-Every-Hat-You-Can-Think-Of, Karen Civil. And on the other cover: The host of “Good Morning Texas,” and also wearer-of-many-hats, Alanna Sarabia. Inside, we eat chicken fingers, go to conferences, hold awards shows (shameless plug), travel to Europe, and much more.

We are approaching the closing of another year, one that flew by, and we just hope to keep up with all of the interesting people we meet and speak with, this #COSIGNLife thing is a hell of a grind. 2019 looks brighter than ever, are we are on it.

Chris “Chris P: Local Celebrity” Panayiotou
COSIGN Editor In Chief | @CPLocalCeleb


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