About COSIGN Magazine:
COSIGN Magazine is a diverse lifestyle publication and digital platform that focuses on entrepreneurship, technology fashion, entertainment, music, sports, art and the independent artists that create it. Designed to feature aspiring and established creative individuals and the companies that service them, COSIGN captures the true elements of independence. COSIGN Magazine is an 8.5” x 11”, full-color, high gloss format bi-monthly magazine published for innovative minds. COSIGN provides a fresh look and insight to the upcoming trends within the arts and entertainment industry. The editorial style is bold and multi-cultural, with a focus on the independent creative experience. Our readers are diverse and culturally aware and our content reflects the ever changing state of the arts and entertainment industry. Each issue contains entrepreneur and gadget spotlights, artist features, reviews, exciting social events, business highlights, and informative content. We strive to maintain a global viewpoint, looking beyond borders to find topics to inspire our readers, resulting in a magazine that is unique, entertaining, inspiring, and informative.

Target Audience|Demographic:
COSIGN MAGAZINE is targeted to 18-35 year-olds with a median age of 27.5, 59% are male, 41% female. Most have their own audiences and distribution platforms via blogs, websites, social networks, online communities, and are entrepreneurs themselves attempting to get into the industry. Out of 100 households surveyed: 37% of 25 to 34 year-olds earned over $42,000, 23% earn more than $67,000. These groups lead active lifestyles and are major consumers who place great importance on their leisure and entertainment agendas. They dine out frequently, purchase clothing, alcohol, art, music, literature, automobiles, real estate and the latest technology. Our readers want to be the first to know about new music, fashion, performance venue options, artistic supplies and technological advances and read magazines/blog sites to cultivate their progressive lifestyle.

Here are some of the way that you can advertise and/or partner with COSIGN Magazine…

Event Partnerships / Experiential Marketing
COSIGN reaches a thriving audience of multicultural entrepreneurs and influencers through our event experiences. We produce 3 annual events The COSIGN Experience, The Blueprint Summit, and the COSIGN Awards a long with pop-up shops/networking experiences all across the nation. Partner with us for any of our upcoming events.

Traditional Print Advertising
Our publication touches thousands of hands from consumer purchases, event distribution, and local placements at stores. We have the opportunity to expose your brand to thousands of eyes by coupling a digital marketing campaign with our print advertisements.

Digital Displays on COSIGNMag.com
We have “place card” style ads, banner ads within the stories and small button ads. Ads appear on the homepage, on places pages, within the content sections and on the articles.

Sponsored Events
Our weekly “7 THINGS TO DO” Guide will put your event in front of thousands of consumers. Get your Event or Venue in front of the eyeballs of your future customers.

Sponsored Stories
Our editors and copywriters are experienced in making your brand and/or business look good. Let us tell your story.

Email Newsletter
We reach thousands of people bi-weekly through our newsletter. More exposure, means more potential customers.

Social Media Campaigns
Grow your social community with COSIGN Magazine social media partnerships! We’ve worked with the top brands all across the nation!

If you are looking to expand your brand contact us now to request a media kit and discuss pricing.

Email: KG@cosignmag.com



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