Oops. Did a pandemic expose that?

Welp! It looks like COVID-19 (The Coronavirus) has caught the world with its slip showing — especially the United States. This pandemic is bringing the American economy to a stand still, and an increasing number of people are giving American Capitalism the BIGGEST side-eye. Rightfully so. Talking heads have been “Capitalist-splaining” (Yeah, I am still […]

The Blueprint According To: Everette Taylor

On the edge of downtown Los Angeles, COSIGN, on a recent trip, hosted tech industry success-story Everette Taylor. Everette, originally from Richmond, Virginia and now based in LA, is a serial entrepreneur, primarily in the tech field, and is a marketing executive for several companies. The success he’s achieved has allowed him to pay it […]

Another One…

Another One… Another one’s gone. Another bites the dust. The candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States are dropping like flies. I know it was expected; the whole point of the primary is to whittle the large field down until you have the “best” candidate, but I wasn’t expecting the […]

1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Nicale Cruz, Houston Based Entrepreneur & Founder of CRUZ Projects | COSIGN #132 of 1K

NiCale Cruz CRUZ Projects City: Houston, TX Instagram: @nicalecruz | @cruz_projects Facebook: www.facebook.com/cruzprojects Website: www.nicalecruz.com Favorite Quote: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” – Maya Angelo NiCale Cruz is one of the nation’s leading independent entertainment agents and is the founder of CRUZ Projects, a […]

Consequences of Financial Inequities

Photo Credit: Wikipedia There are many consequences to financial inequities that burdened underserved communities, but chief among them is The Racial Wealth Gap. You have probably heard these words, The Racial Wealth Gap or Racial Wealth Divide, a lot if you have been following the election this cycle. With a healthy helping of cynicism, I […]

Spring/summer fashion trends 2020


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1,000 COSIGN’s: Robby Wilburn, Creative Artist, Entrepreneur, & Founder of JusBeenRobbed| COSIGN #131 of 1K

Name: Robby Wilburn Instagram: @JusBeenRobbed Company: www.JusBeenRobbed.com Favorite Quote: “Sight sees the present, vision sees the future. Sight sees where you’re at, vision sees where you’re going. Sight sees present problems, vision sees future possibilities. Sight sees why you can’t and vision sees why you can.” Rob Wilburn III known as JusBeenRobbed, is a self-made […]

The secret of fashion photography

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Leading a healthy summer lifestyle


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