COSIGN Travel – 4 Excuses to Get Out of Town – February 2019

It’s the beginning of 2019, and perhaps your travel plans for the year have not yet been solidified. If you work a nine-to-five job, there’s a halfway decent chance you just got your vacation bank refilled at the beginning of the year, and if not filled, perhaps increased a bit. And if Christmas didn’t break […]

COSIGN Travel: 12 Hours in Munich

Words and Photos by: Chris Panayiotou | @CPLocalCeleb On a recent trip to visit family in Cyprus, I had a pair of 12-hour layovers, one on the way there, in Vienna, Austria, that I wrote about in COSIGN issue XXIV and one on the way back, in Munich, Germany. The biggest difference was that Munich […]

COSIGN Travel (Video): Passport Heavy Travels To Panama City, Panama

COSIGN Travel (Video): Passport Heavy Travels To Panama City, Panama Passport Heavy is your in-depth guide to everything you need to know about everywhere you want to go and the places you have yet to discover. Founded in 2016 by experienced traveler and innovative marketer, Jubril Agoro, Passport Heavy is a community driven platform created to connect […]

COSIGN Hustle: Tastemaker Marcus Troy on Getting Paid to Be Yourself

Marcus Troy is a man of many titles, that wears many hats. He can be described as a creator, curator, influencer, marketing expert, traveler, cultural explorer, trendsetter, plus many more. But, what he’s great at is attracting brands to collaborate with him and getting paid to simply be himself. Last year, Forbes.com interviewed Marcus Troy […]

COSIGN Travel: How Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Fed My Soul

COSIGN Travel How Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Fed My Soul Words by: Stacey Murray|@missstaceyangela After skimming Amber Rose’s Instagram last year, I just knew my experience at Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago was going to be so lit! Each year an insane amount of international tourists countdown the days until they can run rampant […]

COSIGN Travel: Jamaica 2016

Cosign Travel: Jamaica By: Milana Alchemista | @milanalchemista COSIGN traveled to Jamaica this summer, and it was everything you could imagine. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, sweltering heat, and freezing drinks. We flew into Montego Bay and took the 3 hour bus to Ocho Rios where we ultimately stayed at the Jewel Dunn River Inn, a […]