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Community and Coalition Builder | Content Creator | CoFounder of BankBlackUSA | Cohost of ShadeVSations Podcast Twitter & IG: @MoStephone

The money behind #BlackLivesMatter: A case for #BankBlack

Written by Sabrina Terry, NCRC and Stephone Coward, BankBlackUSA #BlackLivesMatter is more than ensuring the physical safety of Black lives,

Veriheal Founders Find Ways to Thrive in Conservative Banking Industry

My career in banking has exposed me to the many types of businesses that come into the bank to establish

OneUnited’s support of Blackout Day 2020

Here we are again.  Two unarmed black men, George Floyd and Ahmad Aubrey; and an unarmed black woman, Breonna Taylor,

Oops. Did a pandemic expose that?

Welp! It looks like COVID-19 (The Coronavirus) has caught the world with its slip showing — especially the United States.

Another One…

Another One… Another one's gone. Another bites the dust. The candidates running for the Democratic nomination for President of the

Consequences of Financial Inequities

Photo Credit: Wikipedia There are many consequences to financial inequities that burdened underserved communities, but chief among them is The

A Political Black Agenda

The Black Vote Major news organizations spend hours conducting post-election political autopsies analyzing how much of the American demographic each

Black Wealth 2020

NYC— Black business and community leaders came together to tackle issues that have historically impacted the black community's efforts to


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