COSIGN Conversations 65: Angela Lewis

Angela Lewis aka Louie from Snowfall Shares Why Louie Went Against Franklin, Working w/ John Singleton, Motherhood, & More In our most recent #COSIGNConversations Podcast we sat down with Angela Lewis aka Louie from #SnowfallFX to discuss motherhood, family, how playing Louie has helped her in her personal life, things she’s learned from the late […]

COSIGN Conversations 62: DeAndre Brown aka The Corporate Baddie

How To Build A Social Media Audience By Being Relatable + How To Be A Corporate Baddie In this #COSIGNConversations podcast we sat down with the Corporate Baddie, DeAndre Brown to talk about influencing, TikTok and Instagram, being relatable, Corporate America, and being a corporate baddie, plus more. DeAndre Brown is a 22 year old […]

COSIGN Conversations Podcast 002: Mark Clayton | Powered by: Dallas Census 2020

This episode is brought to you by the Dallas Census 2020. Mark Clayton is an NFL Veteran, investor, and entrepreneur who attended college at the University of Oklahoma. In 2005 he was drafted in the 1st round to the Baltimore Ravens. Since then MC has launched Livv Headphones and has invested in cryptocurrency, the cannabis […]


“ShadeVSations” is a podcast that literally started from the basis of friendship. Creator of “ShadeVSations,” Darien says, “It was something that we always talked about doing and then I just pulled the trigger one day. I was bored.” From there, the “ShadeVSations Podcast” grew to what we know it as today. The podcast didn’t take […]

COSIGN Life: 6 “Talking Greasy” Episodes We #COSIGN & You MUST Check Out

COSIGN Life: 6 “Talking Greasy” Episodes We #COSIGN & You MUST Check Out Words by: K.G. Graham | @COSIGNKG Hola #COSIGNLifers, allow us to introduce you to the Talking Greasy Podcast! Co-hosts Darnell and Kim hold no punches during conversations about race, pop culture, sex and everything in between. We had the pleasure of joining […]

We #COSIGN The Don’t Take It Personal (Podcast) – Listen to Ep. 8 Ft. Andrew Schulz

On episode 8 of “Don’t Take It Personal” Jay Wil & Hollywood Kas are joined by Stand up comedian & co-host of the Brilliant Idiots podcast Andrew Schulz. During their sit down they discuss comparing eras (MJ/LeBron, Jay-Z/Kendrick, Eddie Murphy/Kevin Hart), Top 5 comedians, his relationship with Charlamagne Tha God, cultural appropriation, and how according […]


The GOOD people of The GOOD CULTURE Podcast interviews our Founder & Creative Director, K.G. They discuss his story as well as the story of COSIGN, Rosa Acosta, and took a quick detour to discuss the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef. Check it out below GOOD People! Three ways to enjoy the Good Culture […]