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[LA MUSICA] XtraBlueIsh Beat Tape

Read Carefully

IT’S FINALLY HERE! The highly anticipated beat tape featuring 3 of Dallas’ most talented producers, XtraBlueIsh. The tapes features Brain Gang members Blue, The Misfit, X, and Ish. Blue, The Misfit has been producing for almost 10 years and has produced for some of the biggest names in the game right now, including Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, A.Dd+, and Schoolboy Q. Ish has been producing for almost 10 years as well, and has produced for a wide range of artists and outlets, including MTV, E!, A.Dd+, Sam Lao, and all of the Brain Gang of course. X, The Misfit has been producing for 3 years, and has produced for some of our local artists, including A.Dd+, fellow Brain Gang member, Blue, The Misfit, Sam Lao, and other Brain Gang members.

Now, the track list doesn’t tell you who made what beat. That part is left a complete mystery. So, feel free to comment or tweet us your guesses! We want to know what you guys think! Check out the tape below.

Follow the producers: Ish @IshD1 // Blue, The Misfit @BlueTheMisfit // X, The Misfit @XTheMisfit

Follow our team: @CosignMag @COSIGN_KG @saybreaaa @COSIGN_PD @ItMustBJAM

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