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World Premiere: Eclipse Darkness Releases New Single, “Only You”

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The song, which features production from California based production team, “The Legion”, is a track focused on spreading a sense of endearment amongst the people in the city.

Dallas based music artist Eclipse Darkness has announced the release of his newest single ,”Only You,” coming from his upcoming summer studio album, “Love Language.”

Eclipse Darkness, real name Greggory Covington, is a Dallas based artist originally from San Dimas, California.Eclipse Darkness considered himself an artist who embodies the idea of love and happiness in his music. His idea behind his newest single, “Only You” relays the importance of spreading love amongst our loved ones during this hectic time of confusion and delay.

 “The message behind this song is for people to band together and bond more with their spouses, family members, roommates or partners. Loving yourself and the people around us properly is something we could all work on.” stated Eclipse.

“Only You” is a groovy, smooth and catchy R&B and Hip Hop fusion track about getting to really know your loved ones deeper and building stronger bonds with important people in our lives.

Eclipse Darkness recently became a Sprite endorsed artist,working as a musician and an ambassador for the brand. Eclipse Darkness was approached by Sprite after the company took notice of his active instagram fan base constantly appearing and tagging Eclipse’s instagram page under Sprite posts.  This interaction from his highly organic fan base turned Eclipse Darkness into a contracted artist with Sprite.  He has also had the opportunity to work with other brands such as Red Bull and the NBA and recently became the first winner of CW33’s “Breakfast Bars” challenge. He has also seen viral success of some of his recent tracks due to popular dancers choreographing to his singles.

The  mix of promotion and fan interaction has given Eclipse Darkness major opportunities to kick his work ethic into overdrive, releasing singles on top of singles while preparing for the release of his studio album, Love Language.

Eclipse Darkness new album “Love Language” is currently slated for an end of May release.

“Only You” will be available on all streaming platforms. Check it out below! #COSIGNLife

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