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Listen to Willow Smith’s Latest Track, Produced by Michael Cera

Read Carefully

In this day of music, surprise covers and collaborations are definitely “a thing” now; And although no project should necessarily come as a shock anymore, I have to admit the following track caught me a bit off guard.

Willow Smith posted a new song to her Soundcloud titled, “Twentyfortyeight 2.0”; But the track’s producer – actor, Micheal Cera – added the shock value for me. It’s an unexpected collab to say the least. Cera has a brief history in the music industry, everything he’s contributed has been done in silence or released as a “surprise”. He quietly put out a lo-fi indie-folk titled, “True That” on Bandcamp in 2014 and had a single on the movie, Juno’s, soundtrack with co-star, Ellen Page covering the Moldy Peaches, “Anyone Else But You”.

Cera provided an airy, lullaby-like sound for the single and paired with Willow’s hypnotic voice, as she delivers some spoken word verses about self-identity, it makes for a dreamy, out of this dimension kind of feel. Stream below and listen for yourself.

Bry Jones

multi-faceted mami and a hot chocolate mess || @bryjones_


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