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Who Do You COSIGN?

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Who Do You COSIGN?

A COSIGN is to endorse. To agree or second ones motion or opinion and to express support or approval of. A COSIGN is to become an advocate. It’s a public or official statement of support or approval, a stamp of approval, an affirmation. So tell us this, #WhoDoYouCOSIGN?

Join the #WhoDoYouCOSIGN campaign by purchasing your #COSIGN definition shirt here.  Once purchased email us a photo of you wearing the shirt to along with a sentence or two about someone you #COSIGN and why you #COSIGN this individual.

Check out a few of our #COSIGNs below and welcome to the #COSIGNLife.

Munch – Field Marketing Manager at VILLA | @MUNCH215

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