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#WhoDoYouCOSIGN | COSIGN Releases 1,000 Shirts To Coincide With The #1000COSIGNs Campaign

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#WhoDoYouCOSIGN | COSIGN Releases 1,000 Shirts To Coincide With The #1000COSIGNs Campaign

To start the 2nd Quarter 2017, we’ve released a new t-shirt project entitled #WhoDoYouCOSIGN to support our #1000COSIGNs campaign. We released 1,000 “COSIGN Definition” shirts to help spread the true meaning and value of obtaining a #COSIGN.

Heres how the #COSIGN works. We ask our supporters to purchase the “COSIGN Definition” shirt from us for $21.99 at which demonstrates that you #COSIGN, COSIGN Magazine. In return, we pay it forward and #COSIGN our supporters by posting a picture of them wearing our shirt on Instagram and mention them in our next issue. Our supporter also lets us know who they #COSIGN on their post, which shines light on another entrepreneur/creative. One shirt purchase highlights two individuals and brings awareness to the everyday entrepreneur and/or creative.

We thank everyone in advance for their continued support and their help spreading the word. To catch up on our previous #1000COSIGNs interview click here and if you would like to purchase your shirt head to our COSIGN shop.

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