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La Musica: (Video) K.Vation Releases Visuals for “Visions” |@KVation

Read Carefully

K.Vation for president! This young emcee is the real deal when it comes to this artist sh*t! This week Vation released his first official video ever for “Visisons” which was shot by Parker Foster and they did a stellar job! Being apart of the collective group/organization The IRAS has definitely raised the stock in K.Vation and with the continued growth that he is showing we have no reason to doubt that Vation WILL BE the next BIG thing! Peep the video below to see why we at Cosign Magazine officially #Cosign K.Vation and his movement! Follow him on twitter as well @Kvation!

#CosignLife #LaVidaCosign
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K.G. Graham

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