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Touch Me, Tease Me: What’s Your Music Love Language?

Read Carefully

Written by Johnny Hall  | @jhall_said


Music speaks to our soul whether it’s us turning up. Slowing it down. Or simply finding our inner peace.

It’s is one of the purest love languages yet it touches on our innate ability to connect so here is love language in music form…

Acts of love and service show that someone not only pays attention to your words but also transforms that into action. High on a list of priorities, I believe this may be the single most important indicator of devotion to another as it proves that you value the presence, peace, and values of your loved one.

Acts of Service – Devotion EP

We are all lost in this world and even the most independent person has to learn to trust but even bigger to receive. Typically in the form of affirming them, it builds on top of a foundation that needs words and reminder of their importance. We can all affirm a bit better yet here we are affirming one another and it feels good:

Words of Affirmation – Love Talk Vol. 1


Personally, I love quality time, I’m big on face to face interaction let’s talk and if you know me, you know I can talk. Yet one thing that is a blessing is the intimacy and undivided attention of true and valuable quality time. It makes those moments seem to last forever.

Quality Time- Me & You: The Soundtrack


Not everybody is materialistic but a gift never made a person upset, those sentimental gifts the ones where thought, creativity, and timing meet are the above all else. Those special trinkets, memories, and gifts are such a beautiful blessing so giving is always better than receiving.

Giving Gifts- To You Just Because…

So who doesn’t love physical touch I mean it’s not all about sex but just the subtle brush against your loved one is enough to make you tingle. A reassuring hug, and comfortable cuddle, and even just the small contract like a head or foot rub. So here is to the lovers of physical touch. Touch whether it’s sensual, shy, or sultry it all warms the body. It ignites the passion and excites the heart.

Physical Touch: Me ft. Your Body

Music the way we decorate SILENCE…

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