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#TheCosignLife Documentary “Part 1”

Read Carefully

#TheCosignLife Documentary “Part 1: THE INTRODUCTION” from Cosign Magazine on Vimeo.

Welcome to #TheCosignLife! The lifestyle many want to live but only a few actually live it. Get a glimpse of what it takes to run COSIGN Magazine and watch how K.G. interviews key celebrities in the Dallas market. This segment features E! Television “Opening Act” star Arielle, Play N Skillz, Louie, Shelby Shaw, Yung Nation, DJ Merk, Double A, Legacy, YUMS, Zack Singer, Vincent Tucker, Krystell Cera, Sarai, Remi Ayodele, Weirdoz, M-Squared, Ace Mitch, Enertia, and Parris Daniel of COSIGN Magazine. Directed by COSIGN Media Group, LLC edited by IAMEYE Photos. Welcome to #TheCosignLIfe!!!!

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We're more than a magazine, we're a brand! Art x Culture x Music x Entrepreneurs x Lifestyle #CosignLife


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