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The Wolf Of Dallas: Antonio Diego

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Antonio Diego formerly known as Yung Tone has once again reinvented hiself. The one time promoter, host, entertainer, and DJ has now decided to transition into acting, a suitable career fro the young charasmatic influencer and creator.

It all started for Antonio with an early #COSIGN from well known Dallas artist B-Hamp creator of the national hit “Ricky Bobby.” While B-Hamp was at the height of his musical career he enlisted Antonio to go on tour

On his new journey as an actor, Antonio has already landed a role in an upcoming movie called “The Collective” which will be his acting debut. “I’ve always been an actor ever since middle school, but then once I got older I thought was too cool and didn’t want to do it anymore,” he says. Antonio hopes and strives to reach the heights of Martin Lawrence as a comedic action star.

Outside of acting Antonio has recently landed a brand deal with YOLO Rum in which Antonio plans on utilizing his growing network and influence to bring more notoriety to the growing brand.

To stay updated with Antonio follow him on Instagram at @antoniodiego_live.

K.G. Graham

GOD | Family | COSIGN.... in that order. Building a global media and marketing empire. #COSIGNLife


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