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The Return of a Classic : Concord XI Re-Release

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The Return of a Classic: Concord XI Re-Release

By: Tyree Rosewell – @_rosewell_713

Featured Image: @dongottti

If you watched that commercial, then a number of things happened. One, you get a case of nostalgia and wish you could jump in your Delorean and go back to the 90’s. Two, you are reminded of Michael Jordan’s epic return to the wonderful world of basketball. Lastly, your body hairs raise because this epic return signified not only the return of Jordan’s  athletic prowess, but also the beginning of a new sneaker silhouette that would change the sneaker game forever.

The Jordan 11 “Concords” are one the most coveted and influential sneakers of the Jordan Era. The iconic silhouette features carbon fiber spring plate, ballistic nylon uppers, a huarache inner sleeve, carbon fiber sheath, and an air sole. We also can not forget the iconic patent leather. The patent leather on this sneaker is what really makes it stand out! Prior to this sneaker release, an athletic shoe never featured such an attribute! It is said that the Jordan 11 was initially created so that it could be worn with a suit. Now I have no real way of confirming this, but one glance at the shoe and the idea of pairing the colorway with a dope suit doesn’t seem too far off. The Concord 11’s are a work of art! Now if you aren’t sold so far on the shoe’s design alone, let me provide some context on how the hype is so real.

1995 Eastern Conference semifinals

The date was May 7th 1995. It was the season that Jordan decided to come out of retirement! Michael would debut the infamous concords in one of the playoff games against the Orlando Magic! Unfortunately, Mike and the Bulls lost that series and would have to bow out. They did not hover fully stay down that year. The very next season, only a few months within that same year. Jordan and the Chicago Bulls began their second three-peat run for the NBA finals! This second legendary championship run was followed by the official release of Jordan 11“Concord”.As a result, the sneakerhead community was set ablaze!

The Concord 11 is a classic Jordan shoe. It has revolutionized footwear and documents the return of one basketball’s greatest players. So this weekend however you cop your Jordan 11 “Concords”, whether through your AIO bot, your plug that you meet up with at Fuel City Tacos, or by winning a raffle make sure that you do! Why? Because this silhouette is more than just a shoe! It is a piece of both art and history!


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