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The Air Jordan 1 Breaking Into The Skate World: TBT

Read Carefully

Back in the 1980’s, skateboarding became a phenomenon in the US.  There was a growth in the sport amongst new athletes like Lance Mountain, Mark Gonzales, Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk, just to name a few. The sport really began to take off as more people gravitated towards the movement and freedom of expression.

Starting out originally as a basketball shoe, the Air Jordan 1 was one of the go to skate shoes during the early 80’s. Skateboarders needed something comfortable and cheap, and the Air Jordan 1 was the perfect sneaker for that.  Some of the low tops could be purchased for as low as $10 and high tops $40.  As we all know the Air Jordan 1 black and red was banned due to uniform restrictions, which immediately made people want the shoe more. Skateboarders shared the same exact feeling as an outsider and a rebel with limitations by societies.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some classic Jordan 1 moments during the Skate culture.




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