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The COSIGN Experience 2016: Fashion, Music, and Art Show

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TCE 2016 Flyer

Who: COSIGN Magazine & Women Called Moses
What: The COSIGN Experience: Fashion, Music, & Art Show
When: Saturday August 20th, 2016 (6pm – 10pm)
Where: Sixty Five Hundred (6500 Cedar Springs Rd. Dallas, TX)
Host: Misty Romano
DJ: DJ So4kis

Come celebrate 5 years of COSIGN for a great cause. This year we’ve teamed up with “Women Called Moses” Organization for our annual fashion, music, and art show known as #TheCOSIGNExperience. The fashion extravaganza will be held Saturday August 20th, from 6pm to 10pm at “Sixty Five Hundred” in Dallas, Texas. There will be lots of entertainment from music performances, art displays, dance performances, photo shoots, live interviews, and concluding with a phenomenal fashion show. Last year we had over 800 in attendance and 80% of our vendors made profit from our event. Make sure you purchase discounted tickets here and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor email

We look forward to seeing you all again! #COSIGNLife

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