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Take Your Time: This “Tew” Much

"We all love new music but lately, it seems as though some of our favorite artists are dropping projects back


Kanye West: The College Dropout 15 Years Later

February 10, 2004. Triple platinum, Grammy Award-winning, and one of hip-hop’s most potent albums ever created were released by this

La Musica

Long Live Nipsey Hussle

Words by: Cristen Dopson Within the past week, several have mourned the lost and celebrated the life of Ermias Davidson


Drugs in Hip-Hop

Drugs in Hip-Hop By: Ben Kenobe During the production of this edition, sitting at our proverbial “round table,” our creative


PLUS +1: Star Music Discusses Say Cheese TV List, Dallas Music Scene, & 2017 NBA Draft

PLUS +1: Star Music Discusses The Say Cheese TV List, Dallas Music Scene, & 2017 NBA Draft K.G. of COSIGN


COSIGN Life: Mala Luna Music Festival Re-cap 2016

Mala Luna Re-cap 2016 Words by: Paige Sander Photos by: Gavin Lueking Mala Luna arrived to San Antonio this past


A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 4 & 5 #A3C2016

#A3C2016 - Day 4             Saturday, day four, was by far the busiest. The energy was different because this was


A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 3 #A3C2016 – Too $hort

Friday was day three of A3C, and featured perhaps my most anticipated event of the entire festival, the “A3Conversation w/


A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 2 #A3C2016

Early mornings following late nights, especially those that may or may not have included alcohol consumption, tend to be the


A3C Hip Hop Festival 2016 – Day 1 #A3C2016

Day One began with a predawn trip to Love Field off two hours of sleep. It went surprisingly smooth; from



The Ridglea Theater, the beautifully restored landmark off of Camp Bowie boulevard is bringing live music back to its venue.


[PHOTOS] Waka Flocka @ The Depot in Salt Lake City, UT

Who: Waka Flocka Flame Where: The Depot When: 5/10/2015 Location: Salt Lake City, UT Photographer: Blake Bekken @blakebekken


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