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La Musica: Buffalo Black – “SURRILLA LP” | @BuffaloBlack


Last week we attended a private listening session at Red Bull DFW’s Headquarters for Buffalo Black’s new project entitled, “Surrilla.” The atmosphere was fascinating as we indulged in free Red Bull and Vodka’s while conversing with other Dallas media outlets.

From the introduction throughout the entire 12 tracks the production is next level. Buffalo Black did an amazing job fully putting together this project. In “SURRILLA” you’ll get to hear Black harmonizing and connecting with other artists you wouldn’t expect a collaboration from. We can go on and on about this project but we highly suggest you give it a full listen to see why we at COSIGN Magazine #COSIGN Buffalo Black.! #CosignLife

Here’s 6 Stand-Out Records we #COSIGN on SURRILLA:

1. Anomalies
2. History
3. Mind Over Matter
4. High Noon
5. Wings of Desire
6. New Beginnings