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Courses We #COSIGN: Seasoned Publicist & Marketing Strategist, Stephania Schirru Launches Online Fashion Marketing Course

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Courses We #COSIGN:
Seasoned Publicist & Marketing Strategist, Stephania Schirru
Launches Online Fashion Marketing Course

Stephania Schirru is a seasoned Publicist and marketing consultant who has helped grow multi-million dollar fashion brands. We’ve worked with Stephania since 2015 and since we’ve hired her we sold out our annual fashion shows three years in a row.

In this Fashion Marketing Course Stephania will teach you her proven strategies that have taken fashion businesses from $0 to millions. You’ll learn from the fashion industry’s top talent in group online sessions. These are extremely valuable connections and resources she’s managed to build over the years and is now providing you access.

This fashion marketing course is for the fashion entrepreneurs that are ready to invest in themselves and elevate their business to the next level. This course cuts to the chase. No fluff, just real world applications that will elevate your fashion business.


“Stephania helped us launch our Fashion and Style vertical at COSIGN which we’ve been able to generate additional revenue from fashion shows and offering content and marketing services to designers and stylists. She’s helped us gain new sponsors and partners for events and has connected us with models, designers, show producers, and beauty influencers. She’s also helped us expand into new markets by covering NYFW for COSIGN. Without the help from Stephania we’d still be brainstorming on how to launch our fashion vertical, so having a professional like her on our team expedited the process tremendously.”

-K.G. Graham, Founder of COSIGN Magazine

What You Will Learn In This Course:

• How to find your target market
• How to turn your business into a profitable venture
• How to create mutually beneficial relationships
• How to choose events to attend or show your collection
• How to run successful marketing campaigns

Program Benefits

• Access to my resources and contacts
• Weekly 1-on-1s to overcome any business challenges
• Insight on what really works in the fashion industry
• Sessions with celebrity stylists, designers and fashion show producers

About Stephania and why we #COSIGN her.

Born in Libreville (Gabon), raised in Nuremberg (Germany) and holding the Italian citizenship, Stephania has acquired a comprehensive view on various issues. Her networking skills and passion for fashion provided her with the right contacts to align with the Dallas Fashion Industry. She graduated with her Masters in Marketing from Texas A&M Commerce and is currently working with various fashion and non-profit clients from a marketing and public relations perspective. You will find her either at a yummy happy hour or at the most popular events in Texas.

After graduating college with a 4.0 grade point average and having extensive work experience with Coca-Cola and SMU’s Athletics Marketing Department, as well as speaking four languages she expected that landing a “good” job shouldn’t be a problem. Wrong!!!

She went on a myriad of interviews, disappointed of not being able to land a “good” job she took a direct sales job with one of the largest companies in the U.S.. Ethical issues and disrespectful treatment of employees made her miserable and realize she was meant for bigger things. As a consequence she took a leap of faith, sought GOD and quit her terrible job without having anything lined up. Many told her she was crazy, but that’s when things she had dreamed off started happening, such as producing one of the biggest fashion shows in Dallas, or becoming heavily involved in charity programs. Her definition of a “good” job changed tremendously and she utilized the time without a job setting standards for herself, relationships, jobs, friends, goals. She is on this exciting journey and knows everything is possible through Christ even when it seems impossible to others.

We #COSIGN Stephania because of her extreme work ethic and attention to detail. She’s extremely organized and well versed when it comes to fashion and marketing. Over the years we’ve seen her work with multiple clients and she manages and executes each project flawlessly with out a hiccup. Because of her, COSIGN has become a staple in the Dallas fashion scene.

K.G. Graham

GOD | Family | COSIGN.... in that order. Building a global media and marketing empire. #COSIGNLife


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