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Ronsanto Cole: How a Missouri Native Went From Chef with the Dallas Mavericks to Owning a Successful Commercial Janitorial Company in 14 Months.

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“I not only wanted to take control of my finances, but I wanted to take control of my time as well.”

Ronsanto Cole

Originally from Missouri, serial entrepreneur Ronsanto Cole relocated to Dallas in search for new opportunities. “I was a chef for six or seven years and I had to leave Missouri because I wanted to grow. I ended up transferring to Dallas and was a chef for the Dallas Mavericks, but I ended up leaving the company to find my own path. I got into the construction business, and would occasionally chef and cater on the side, it wasn’t until about a year after when I transitioned into a full time entrepreneur.”

Santo’s first business like many was a clothing line, he created Favor Ain’t Fair Clothing, which was a passion project of his. While building his fashion line, construction was still bringing in income but he decided to make a huge change and created Pure Elegance Cleaning, a commercial janitorial company. “I wanted to create something you can make money from that doesn’t’ require much experience or expenses,” he says.

Ronsanto started Pure Elegance 100% from scratch and owns the entire company. Before starting, he researched programs that could help him get started and stumbled across an opportunity that flew him to Arizona, housed him, and showed him the entire process on how to own and operate a janitorial company. He took that information went home and got straight to work.

In 14 months, Ronsanto’s company did over six figures in revenue. He remembers his first client being a day care that he would clean up after hours at night. Once he landed his first client he created a referral program and took to Craigslist to find more clients. Today day cares are his biggest clients having over 60+ daycares that he currently services.

What we’ve learned from our interview with Ronsanto Cole is one, you can’t be afraid to try new things and two, although service based business aren’t glamorous, they’re still profitable. Follow Ronsanto on Instagram for motivation and business tips at @santoworld.

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