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1,000 COSIGN’s: Meet Rich Mendoza, Owner of Xpress Custom Print & IQ Haus | COSIGN #12 of 1K

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Rich Mendoza
Owner at Xpress Custom Print & IQ Haus

#COSIGNed by: K.G. Graham (@cosignkg)
Instagram: (@RICH_MENDOZA)

“Staying motivated is something that takes consistency. The biggest thing for me
is the morning. You have to be working out and staying in shape. It is what makes your body function and determines how you feel.” – Rich Mendoza on staying motivated.

Rich Mendoza is an entrepreneur that grew up in a small town in Texas called Coleman with a population of about 3000 people. He credits his success to having great parents who pushed him to have drive and WIN at everything he sets out to do.

Growing up Rich spent all his time playing sports, which shaped him to be a hard working and competitive businessman. “As a kid I can’t remember a time I did not have a football or basketball in my hands. I was fortunate enough to go to college and play basketball and learn how hard you have to work at the next level. I ended up hurting my knee and and then had to get to work!!”

Rich’s first taste of the entreprenurial life came at the early age of 22 when he invested in a Kiosk that sold dog clothes at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco. “That was my first introduction to working with people overseas and later learned how valuable having connections like that would be. At this time I was also working at a Credit Repair company where I learned the business inside and out. I later opened my own company with a mortgage broker in Lewisvile. About a year into this I sold my half to him because I really did not enjoy working with people who had debt, bad credit, and always were looking for a easy fix. Building your credit takes time and mostly discipline.” It was with this first shot that Rich found his stride in being his own boss.

After leaving the business Rich opened a CrossFit gym in Addison due to the spike of interest and how popular it became. It was with this business that Rich earned another lesson.”I learned how hard it is to start something from the ground up with this business. I had this business for a year and decided to close down and start Xpress Custom Print.”

Two or three businesses in Rich finally found his calling. Being in business doesn’t always mean that your first attempt would be a great success but with hard work you’ll win every time. Not giving up, like his parents taught him it was through his failed attempt at CrossFit where Rich actually found his gem and purpose.”If it wasn’t for the gym, Xpress would not even be around. We were always buying t shirts and the quality and print was just terrible. My cousin convinced me to buy our own small screen print machine and make our own. This has been the most challenging business and learning curve I have ever dealt with. I had no background in Printing, Graphic Design, Apparel, or fabrics. I just knew that I wanted to know as much as possible. I am now invested into Xpress Custom Print over 750k but we have the most advanced machines and fastest turnaround time in the DFW. We are a complete one stop shop where you can get everything for your business or brand done. This was so important to have machines other shops did not and offer something that our competitors do not.”

IQ Haus is another other company Rich opened about 2 months ago. It’s an event center/showroom that has been completely whited out. “It’s the most creative space I have ever been and I’m very proud of this place. Its a blank canvas that can be transformed into anything you can imagine,” says Rich.” With this company Rich partnered with an Event Planner in Dallas after showing him the space and letting him know his thoughts. The team has lots of big things planned for IQ Haus this year. Be sure to check out any of their upcoming events and add @IQ_Haus on Instagram.

With many years of success under Rich’s belt he were eager to know what advice he has for upcoming entrepreneurs. “My advice for start up companies is DO RESEARCH. You should have a business plan, marketing strategy, and quality products or services. The biggest lesson I had to learn is bring on QUALIFIED people. I made a mistake and trusted friends who decided not to learn or take advantage of the opportunity. If this happens to you cut it off in the beginning and do not drag it along. Its great to put friends and family on but they have to be WORKING
& LEARNING just like you. The next thing I would suggest is reading or listening to positive content. Even if you just read 10 pages a day before you head to work it can make a huge difference in your day.”

We #COSIGN Rich because he is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. With multiple businesses under his belt, Rich makes it a point to mentor and help aspiring entrepreneurs.

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