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Choni Mitchell | New Mixtape Dropping on 8.10.13 “Peace AND Drugs”

Shoutout to the homie Choni Mitchell on finishing his new project titled, “Peace & Drugs.” I got the first hand opportunity to sit in on a private listening session at Choni’s studio to get a beforehand preview of the tape. Not knowing what to expect I went in the session with an open mind and left quite impressed. Choni has a unique sound and you will definitely get more of a California vibe then a Dallas vibe from this project. Peace & Drugs has a lot of potential. If you consider yourself a hippie in any form and fashion then this tape is definitely for you. If you’re about either sujbect listed in the title then I’m sure you will become a fan of Choni. Make sure to download his tape on 8.10.13 but for now go holla at the fam and peep his twitter and instagram info below. #Cosign

Twitter: @chonim_1849
IG: @chonim_1849
SC: soundcloud.com/choni-mitchell