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5 Reasons we #COSIGN “Must Love Beards Dallas” – Bad & Boujee Tour Taking Place 3.19.17

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On March 19th, 2017 the city of Dallas is in for a treat. The MUST LOVE BEARDS national day party series catered to men who rock beards and women who can’t get enough of them will make its way to the Triple D. This is the FIRST and ONLY event we’ve been aware of that men (beard or not) are completely FREE. Yes you read that right, all men are free and women’s tickets are sold in advance at a low cost, to ensure the event is gender balanced. Make sure you follow @idontdoclubs on all social media platforms for updates and check out 5 reasons we #COSIGN the “Must Love Beards Dallas” – Bad & Boujee Tour below! #COSIGNLife

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1.) Our official DJ, DJ So4kis will be providing the soundtrack for the evening.

If you ever been to a #COSIGN event you know So4kis has it rocking from start to finish and this event will be no different.

2.) If you have a beard, this will be the perfect event to shine and take plenty of photo opps.

For you beard growers, this is the perfect event to have your Instagram and Snapchat lit. You will be amongst your beard brethrens, take many photos and light up the gram!

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3.) WOMEN, we know how much you love men with beards. This is the perfect event to shoot your shot.

With hundreds of men attending the event, some with beards, some with out, you will have a plethora of choices. Feel free to shoot your shot ma!

4.) This will be the perfect event to meet new people and network!

You might be new to the city or just looking for something to do. This is the perfect event to get fly, step out, and network with like minded individuals. There will be plenty of young professionals in the building!

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5.) Perfect event to gain beard tips for you guys with ‘struggling beard syndrome.’

If you’re like me and your beard is struggling, you might want to come out and ask for some tips and advice. I’ll definitely be in the building taking notes on what oils I should be purchasing and so forth. Time to get my beard lit in 2017!

MUSIC: DJ So4kis
VENUE: Gas Monkey Live | 10110 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75220
CROWD & AGE RANGE: Black Professionals | 21 – 35 years old
PRICE: Free for men with RSVP (beard or not), | $15 – $20 for women,


TWITTER: @idontdoclubs
INSTAGRAM: @idontdoclubs
HASHTAGS: #IDDCmustlovebeards

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