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Meet The Team Behind 808 Entertainment

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Meet The Team Behind 808 Entertainment

Written by Cameron Tendaji
COSIGN Music Editor

Being a local artist in a heavily populated city, with a cacophony of sounds, can force one into believing their voices cannot be heard through the noise. They all have that feeling of excitement while battling intimidation as they take those first steps on a long journey of following their dreams to possible stardom. They know that it will not be easy, that doors will be slammed in their faces, and that hearing the word “no” will become second nature. While traveling through the vast music industry, only a lucky few are able to successfully complete their pilgrimage, while others become lost along the way. Having talent is only a tenth of the battle (sometimes, none of the battle), because connections must be made, meticulous knowledge of the music industry must be acquired, and most importantly the ability to be in the right place at the right time. So how does one prevent from becoming lost? To quote Xscape, “Who Can I Run To?”. Well, meet your travel guides…. 808 Entertainment. If you find that you’re asking yourself “what is 808 Entertainment”, you are doing yourself an injustice. Not only have they been providing local artists with the platforms they need to propel themselves to the next level, but they throw dope live events as well. Founders (pictured above from left to right), Joshua, Jamila (aka Jiffy), and DJ So4kis have taken the city by storm by creating a variety of events that emphasize not only musical performance but also networking. This is a crucial piece to the puzzle. To quote Josh Allen, “We are the voice of the underground”.

The origin story of 808 stems from Dj So4kis having the idea of creating a Dallas influenced “MTV-unplugged” styled event. He partnered with Jiffy and Joshua and they launched their first event “Reverb” which gave local artists the opportunity to showcase their music with a live band accompanying them. The reception was exceedingly positive from both the artists and the community. They decided to officially make a brand named 808 Entertainment and the rest was history. The founders come from varying backgrounds and specialties, which allow them to contribute to the organization in different ways. Josh typically focuses on branding and marketing, Jiffy focuses on event coordination, and Dj So4kis deals with music production.

Along with “Reverb”, their ongoing projects include “Protools”; which is a “how to” program. The 808 Entertainment group selects of a panel of established artists/producers to answer questions and provide much-needed connections. Another project is a fundraiser dubbed “The Too Fly Soundcheck” (which is one of my personal favorites). With this, 808 teams up with another local organization to promote artistry and raise money for passports to give to those in need. Their newest endeavor is “Playlist” which is a hip-hop game show that puts your knowledge to the test. Listed below is a link to the first episode. Also listed below is the social media for everything 808 Entertainment related. Be on the look out for upcoming events.

808 Entertaintment Social Media:
Twitter: @808dtx
Instagram: @808dtx

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