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Meet The Hosts of Talking Greasy | COSIGN Award Nominee

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Meet The Hosts of Talking Greasy | COSIGN Award Nominee

Name: Talking Greasy
Instagram: @TalkingGreasy

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Talkin’ Greasy is a series of tough conversations between friends that hardly ever agree. Get to know them better via our Q&A session below.

What is Talking Greasy?

Talkin Greasy is a podcast that holds no punches in discussions about everything from sex to race.

What void does your business fill in your current industry?

In a time where it’s pretty much a crime to not be “PC,” we say whatever we feel – like it or not.

Tell us three lessons you’ve learned while operating your business.

The importance of networking, the importance of authenticity, and the importance of consistency are our biggest lessons.

Mentorships are vital, if you could be mentored by anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Combat jack is the voice of hip hop. He owns half of Loud speakers network and he has created a platform that people respect worldwide.

Tell us one thing majority of people don’t know about you.

We met because we had our own podcasts individually. Serenity told Darnell about Kim’s podcast, had her on an episode of his show, and the rest is history.

Why do you feel that you should win a COSIGN Award?

We have the most heart. There have been moments where we gave our last dollar to this because we believed in it that much. People may see us “talkin’ greasy” and assume this is just something we do for fun. But, there have been many sleepless nights and ramen noodle days behind this podcast and figuring out how to grow our audience.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?

Rikki Blu – he’s consistent. He’s unique and he’s pushed his career further than a lot of creatives from Dallas have.

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