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Meet Imaj, Singer, Songwriter, & Producer | COSIGN Award Nominee

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Meet Imaj, Singer, Songwriter, & Producer | COSIGN Award Nominee

Name: Imaj
Instagram: @realimaj

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Imaj is an extremely talented singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Dallas, TX. This past summer Imaj joined Tank on his “Savage Tour” across the U.S. The young multi-talented R&B artist is on his way to national success and stardom and we’re glad we got to catch up with him for a brief Q&A session which can be found below!

Who is Imaj?

God, love, struggle, resilience, loyalty, goofiness, family, and a hard worker.

What void does your business fill in your current industry?

The void my business brings to music is that I’m bringing a new sound to R&B that feels like 90’s R&B but with a young wavy twist to it.

Tell us three lessons you’ve learned while operating your business.

1.That it’s 90% business and 10% percent talent.
2.Never mix business with pleasure.
3. Make sure your paperwork is straight.

Mentorships are vital, if you could be mentored by anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Steve Jobs, because of his ingenious mindset and his passion for his brand and his determination. He didn’t even let cancer stop him from creating!

Tell us one thing majority of people don’t know about you.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I’m goofy AF!

Why do you feel that you should win a COSIGN Award?

I feel I should win because I’ve been blessed to have some huge platforms and I’ve been representing the city on a national level. But, more importantly I’m working hard for it and not asking for it.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?

I #COSIGN God!! Because he’s been blessing me and covering me and protecting me throughout all my ups and downs.

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