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Meet Alexis King, Model & Entrepreneur | COSIGN Award Nominee

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Meet Alexis King Model & Entrepreneur | COSIGN Award Nominee

Name: Alexis King
Instagram: @_ilikelexx

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Alexis King is a small town girl with a passion for fashion, a recent fashion merchandising and marketing graduate as well as professional model for runway, print, and commercial acting. She’s extremely hardworking and dedicated to reaching success in the right ways.

Who is Alexis King?

A professional, entrepreneur, dreamer, hard worker, many things could describe me but mainly I am the person that encourages others and shows them they can make it happen against all odds. I’m a fighter and a lover of adventure and experience.

What void does your business fill in your current industry?

I fill the void in my industry between the models who aren’t just enough of one thing but a mixture of many. I stand for skinny, fit models who don’t have much curve but also aren’t stick thin, I stand for the medium tones girls who aren’t casted for the black girl roles or the white ones and are skipped over for the other parts cause they are filled! I fill the void between playboy and Sears catalog model, I find the balance.

Tell us three lessons you’ve learned while operating your business.

I’ve learned many things like you can’t help everyone out unless they want to make it happen for themselves, you have to sacrifice many things even comfortablitly to make it happen, and people will support you falsely just in case you make it.

Mentorships are vital, if you could be mentored by anyone in the world who would it be and why?

I have had the pleasure of having a great mentor/manager recently but if I could pick I would love the chance to be mentored by Tyra banks a boss in many ways and she dominated the industry in her time also she is my role model since I was ten so I would love to pick her brain and learn some things from her.

Tell us one thing majority of people don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that I talk myself through alot of things and I usually do everything alone.

Why do you feel that you should win a COSIGN Award?

I beleive I should win am award because I work hard and I inspire and encourage others to do the same and I am always willing to help others and get everyone to the top together.

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