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Mala Luna Music Festival Producer Explains What It Takes to Curate a Festival + More

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Mala Luna Music Festival Producer Explains What It Takes to Curate a Festival + More
COSIGN talks with Zach Paul, Mala Luna event producer, as well as co-founder of Neon Desert Music Festival, plus partner and head of sales/sponsorships at ScoreMore Shows about festivals, artists, and the future of Mala Luna.
Interview by: K.G. Graham | @cosignkg


We’re roughly three weeks away from Mala Luna Music Festival that will be taking place for two straight days in San Antonio, TX. As an entrepreneur and lifestyle brand we wanted to share with our readers what all producing a legitimate music festival entails. We had the chance to chat with Zach Paul, Mala Luna event producer, as well as co-founder of Neon Desert Music Festival, plus partner and head of sales/sponsorships at ScoreMore Shows to get more incite on the curation of an event of this magnitude. Read our interview below and click here to win 2-Day passes to Mala Luna courtesy of COSIGN and Scoremore Shows! #COSIGNLife

Festivals have become very popular in today’s culture. Can you share with our readers what all goes into curating a festival? As far as choosing the right location, the perfect lineup, and even the name creation of Mala Luna Festival?

So much goes into curating a festival. For Scoremore it is very important that we produce an event that is a cultural fit with the city and region in which we are having the fest. The right music, the right food, the right vendors, the rights art, etc. What works in San Antonio might not work in Dallas, what works in Austin might not work in El Paso, etc. We want festival goers to come to their particular festival and it be reflective of their community. From top to bottom we try to make sure every aspect of the fest has been paid attention to.

This is Scoremore’s third festival series, correct? How will Mala Luna compare to JMBLYA Festival?


Yes Scoremore has 3 festivals – Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, JMBLYA in Dallas and Austin and Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio. Mala Luna is a 2-day festival where JMBLYA is a 1-day festival, in both Austin and Dallas. The lineups are very similar in that they are edm and hip hop, but I think you will see Mala Luna potentially down the road add more stages and more genres of music.

Besides an amazing lineup, what can consumers expect from the 2-day festival?

Lots of things – amazing live art, great local food vendors and food trucks, local merch vendors, awesome sponsor activations and much more. And since this is happening halloween weekend we are encouraging everyone to come dressed up so it is certainly going to one heck of a festive environment.

What do you guys look for in new artists when curating the lineup?

I do not book the talent so I may not be the best person to answer that but I can tell you that our team of talent buyers are great at what they do. They always find the right mix of artists that are hot right now and relevant, and also artists that are on the rise and about to be the next big thing. And you can always count on us to book some local talent as well, we always want to be able to give the local bands and artists a platform where they can showcase their talents.


How much of a role does sponsors play in the overall success of a festival?

They are arguably the most important aspect, but I oversee sponsorship so of course I am going to say that. Sponsors provide so much to the event whether it is on site activations, their in kind support with whatever goods or particular services they provide, their cash investments, and so on. It goes without saying that without our sponsors these events would not be possible.

In your opinion, what makes a festival artist?

I think if you asked 50 people that question you’d get 50 different answers. I think a festival artist needs to be someone who can command a big stage and be bale to play to a big audience. It certainly isn’t a play for the shy or timid.

What are the different positions /roles in a festival production?

So many roles must be played. Talent buying, festival production, marketing and promotions, sponsorship, accounting, stage production, etc. It takes a tremendous amount of dedicated people who believe in the event to make it happen.

Where do you see Mala Luna Music Festival in the next five years?

In my opinion, I think you’ll see this festival add a stage or two, I think you’ll see it add a genre of music or two, and I think you’re going to see it grow. San Antonio is a top 10 market and is a city that really gets out and supports their events. They are already taking ownership of this fest by the way tickets are selling, this is their fest, and this event is going to grow for years to come.

Besides the festivals Scoremore Shows curates, name a festival outside of Texas you #COSIGN and why?

Pemeberton Music Festival in Pemberton British Columbia, which is just outside Whistler British Columbia. Being a Texan I always appreciate some cool summer weather and to be in Canada in July is a true blessing. The festival setting at Pemberton is unlike anything I have ever seen – you are surrounded by beautiful mountains, walking through lush grash, and wearing the perfect festival attire which in my opinion is shorts and a hoodie. It’s a pretty magical place. I also love Bonnarroo. It is warm since it takes place in June on a farm in Tennessee but the vibes and energy from everyone at that festival are positive. People are there for the music and you can feel it immediately.

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