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[COSIGN] Lil Debbie Previews Her Long Awaited “Ratchets” Video

Read Carefully

Our absolute favorite Cali Queen, Lil’ Debbie, will be dropping the long awaited “Ratchets” video tomorrow! I don’t know about you guys, but us here at Cosign love everything about Lil’ Debbie. For one, this Codeine Diva is drop-dead gorgeous. For two, she’s just as gorgeous in person. And for three, she’s a female artist that can rap her ass off! She has her own unique style of rapping, which you know us here at Cosign love. We cannot express enough how much we love the hard-working females in this industry! Rock with us tomorrow as we #Cosign Lil’ Debbie and welcome her “Ratchets” video to the site.

In the mean time, enjoy this preview!

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