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Legalize Ascension: Miguel’s Spiritual Experience

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Written by Jeff Williams

COSIGN MAGAZINE | @jeffaraoh


Photos by: @Moreesefilms 

Speaking life and positivity into the atmosphere creates an energy that yields positive vibes.

This is a mindset that has helped propel Miguel’s career where he’s stood out from the crowd as a unique, diverse talent with a voice as strong as his pen game.

Recently, he’s taken a moment to reflect on the new heights he has reached. Thus, he felt a desire to give back to all of his fans people with an intimate tour though he did not have an album to promote.


This experiment turned out to be a beautiful one here in Dallas. If you went to the show just for something to do on a Wednesday, which also featured up and coming artists DVSN and Nonchalant Savant as openers, you left an inspired fan ready to promote love and positivity.

Miguel’s Ascension tour stop here in Dallas helped bring out a unique, eclectic, loving crowd to vibe out to the music of one of our generation’s most talented and genuine artists.


Yes, no album to promote just the concept of elevating oneself and the importance of loving oneself and others in a time where negativity travels 100x faster than positivity.

In his words “Love is free and when one is honest with themselves, they are liberated In this digital world, we’re more sensitive to our peers and everyone’s opinions due to the rate that we are bombarded with them. Miguel stated on the mic that when you begin to own your truth‍, you’re able to block out all of the hate and negativity that’s promoted in the world. That level of mastery of self will lead you to abundant success and a purposeful, joyful life.


Legalize Ascension were the words on the initial shirt he wore in front of a packed out crowd at the South Side Ballroom. Thankfully for us, the concept of Ascension is free. The only cost associated are the casualties of the negative people and things that we will leave behind.

And if we’re honest, they cost too much.

Thanks for the reminder and a wonderful show, Miguel.


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