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Interview: A Different Shade of Jade | @LadyJade104

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A Different Shade of Jade
By: Kristin McIntyre

#cosignVICE // Issue 16 Out Now!

Photographer: Kauwuane Burton
Makeup: Bridgett Harrison
Hairstylist: Chanelle Brooks
Hair Collection: Luxe Locs
Swimsuit: Asherah Swimwear
Creative Director, Editor, & Wardrobe Stylist: Kristin McIntyre
Location: Spinster Records

Music is the universal language of the world, and radio the plug that keeps us all connected. Often times, we as humans find ourselves floating on the airwaves of methodical melodies, lyrical theses, and euphonious beats; so much so we become impervious to the wizards behind the curtain that control our eargasms. Dallas native and radio personality Lady Jade with her idiosyncratic voice, plain-spoken opinions, and memorable laugh consistently keeps her audience drawn in by promoting the importance of individuality and self-awareness. Deservingly crowned by the producer of the morning show and the loyal listeners of the community, Lady Jade has accepted her role as a co-star and proudly demonstrates her worthiness every morning.

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Culturally blended, Jade who hustles for her last name is notably one of the hardest working women in the industry. The ongoing joke around the station (K104) is that her work ethic stems from her deeply rooted Jamaican heritage (that was a free and fun fact by the way). On a more humorless and relatable note, Jade shared her story of struggle to triumph by merely speaking things into existence and remaining true to her faith and religious beliefs. Prior to her 12 year and ongoing run at the hottest radio station in Dallas, Jade attended college and also jumpstarted a modeling career before being called to her true purpose. Jade’s initial dream was to become a TV personality so she took an internship at a local radio station as an avenue for television, she would soon discover that according to God’s plan she was unforeseeably destined for the path she had already chosen. This revelation was also confirmed after her good friend and college roommate placed a handwritten note on the refrigerator that read “thank you GOD for blessing Jade with a job at K104!” a short time later the phone rang and she changed the game. This particular moment indescribably changed her life forever.

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Throughout our interview she expressed how she holds a special place in her heart for children and hopes to have her own in the near future. Her five-year vision encompasses a non-profit organization that focuses on the basic skill set that our children are lacking, she is adamant about utilizing her platform to plant a seed of growth. Each one, teach one. For fun, Jade, a huge sports fan and a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court, is a low-key shopaholic, a true tom-boy intrigued by adventurous activities who loves spending time with her godsons, and nieces and nephew. Contrary to everyone’s belief she is not the prima donna you’d expect, choosing comfort over chic which was evident when she arrived to her shoot dressed in a gray fitted tee, black tights, Ugg boots, hair tied, and fresh faced with a bright smile.

Thirty minutes before she transformed from meek to muse we spoke on religion instead of the usual politics. When asked how she balances her faith and her career in terms of the worldly temptations glorified in secular music, her response was unhesitant, “by creating a balance, I’m not perfect but my faith keeps me grounded. It’s easy to get caught up in this industry so I stick to my foundation by keeping the same circle of friends and my family close. There’s a misconception that this life is all glitz and glam but I’m just like everybody else, I have the same problems, the same insecurities, and the same frustrations. My pastor gave me a great piece of advice, don’t believe your press, good or bad, it can make or break you”. Her advice for those chasing her foot prints is to always remain teachable; no matter how many years you’ve scored there will always be an opportunity to learn. She COSIGNS anybody with hustle and drive and those that are hardworking, patient, humble and willing to hurry up and wait for their moment. Her last quote was deeply profound and genuinely heartfelt, “People think I’m important, but I always want to make other people feel important.” Her personality is infectious, her smile is contagious, and her soul has the power to influence the masses of our future generations.

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