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Last month we met MARSHALLCHAN on the Dallas leg of their promotional tour. BC, a local music executive hosted a meet & greet at Hooters Downtown so Dallas media and DJ’s could interact with the budding duo hear their music. MARSHALL CHAN Made up of Marshall McKlitz and Chandlor Hemphill were both very engaging and were very appreciative to those in attendance. Due to prior engagements, we at COSIGN couldn’t stay long but we did have the chance to check out their single, “Mamacita” which we definitely #COSIGN. We look forward to hearing more from the duo and seeing them headlining a nationwide tour.

Get to know them better by checking out their bio below and their latest single, “Mamacita.” #COSIGNLife

Marshall McKlitz and Chandlor Hemphill, make up the duo MARSHALLCHAN. Best Friends who met while attending The Woodlands High School in Woodlands, Texas. Chandlor was a transfer to Houston from Los Angeles, California. He and Marshall, a Texas native hit it off right out of the gates. Despite being from different backgrounds, cities and being of different races, they realized quickly they both had a love for the same type of music, Hip Hop. They love the same artists and listen to the same type of beats. They share the same passion for music whether it’s the sound of Houston natives like Paul Wall, UGK and Travis Scott or west side artist like Kendrick Lamar, Mega Producer Dr. Dre or Toronto’s own Drake and the Weekend. They both knew that music was all they wanted to do. There was a small but vibrant music scene trying to make its way out of the Woodlands, a small city just outside Houston Tx. They both were working on their own music and their own styles while attending high school. Both, constantly searching the internet for beats from online producers while cultivating thier own separate sound. Throughout the years they would help each other out by dropping verses on each other’s projects. They quickly realized working together complimented each other’s vocal style. Marshall with his laid back rich vocals that floats between the sounds of an effortless R&B (Jon B) style singer to his quick witty verses reminiscent of today most prominent artists sound so familiar yet completely new and fresh. Chandlor with his high energy high key bravado that speaks loud and proud of his LA roots with touches of Houston painted all over it. The two styles came together so seamlessly as if it was set in motion years before they met. Early on, they amassed a loyal following through their school and through SoundCloud. Over a short period of time they have shot a video (Smash Bros) highlighting a popular sample from the Nintendo WII game, put up at least 10 different tracks on SoundCloud and released an EP called “Paint Me a Melody”. After doing all this separately they realized that the best music they produced were the songs they did together, From that MARSHALLCHAN was born. Since taking this collaborative approach to the next level, MARSHALLCHAN have been on the grind crossing the country working with an array of different producers. Finally finding the right fit with producers Desmond South and Sean Minor whose resume include Chris Brown, Jeremih, Nick Jonas, Asap Ferg. They now have what will be their best selection of songs to release their official EP “Somewhere Between Houston and Austin”. The title is a play on where they have created their music “The Woodlands” as well as there different styles and personalities. Marshall is very much Houston, whereas Chan’s LA style is more inline with Austin. The EP is filled with tracks that compliments both their styles and highlights. Chan’s quick fanatic verses and Marshalls wicked pen game, create Infectious hooks and dope beats that MARSHALLCHAN delivers. The laid back haunting sounds on “Mamacita” to the hard hitting “WHOA”, let’s you know thay can party with the best of them. The catchy “No Relations” advises the female listener on exactly what they want.

MARSHALLCHAN is the perfect combination of what’s the best of music today. It blurs the lines and brings everyone together through music. Best Friends Living their Best Life!

Follow them on Instagram at @TheMARSHALLCHAN.

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