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La Musica: FXXXXY Releases New Single Titled “2AM WAVV”

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COSIGN Lifers, today we have a new release from Dallas Rapper/Producer FXXXXY titled, “2AM WAVV.” This is our first post from the talented artist but definitely won’t be our last. Check out a few words from FXXXXY below and make sure you vibe with us by checking out “2AM WAVV.”

Words From FXXXXY Regarding “2AM WAVV”:

“We all have flaws but it’s one of those moments where I find pride in my story rather than get down on myself. When you have been through so much and somebody decides to open their mouth and try to say nothing but negativity about that story. Sometimes I respond to the world like I did in “Ever” and sometimes I respond to it like I’m doing in “2AM WAVV.” It’s just how I felt. It’s just being very raw in emotion and prideful in who you are. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made or what some people in the world think of you. You know how far you’ve come.”

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