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La Musica: Exclusive Interview with SpaceBoiFresh

Read Carefully

We’ve filmed a number of projects at the Artistic Visual Studios, but we have yet to interview one of the masterminds behind it.  I got a chance to sit down with the eccentric SpaceBoiFresh, host of the Black Box Show.  It airs every Wednesday at 9pm central StreamMusic TV via Facebook.


Known as the modern day Yo! MTV Raps.  It has become a musical tour-de-force which offers a breath of fresh air and new outlook on the direction of hip-hop.  Some of the greats have made appearances such as: Bobby Sessions, 50 Cent, and Erykah Badu.   Join the movement.  Also if you are an artist looking to perform or use Studio Space/Time… be sure to contact @artisticvisualstudio for inquiries.

Space is very passionate about what he does and his energy is definitely tactile.






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