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La Musica: Curtis Mayz x Mel, TOTX – “Swangin” | @CurtisMayz

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Curtis Mayz and Mel from The Outfit, TX connect on a smooth old school Texas vibed out record entitled, “Swangin.” This new track from two of Dallas’ most promising emcees demonstrates how Dallas collaborations can be mutually beneficial as both artists shine on “Swangin.”

Music is currently going through a new trend and amongst all of the like-sounding rappers Mayz decides to stand out and take it back to his roots.

“I wanted to really take it back to where Hip Hop in the South was born. When you think about how UGK, 8-Ball & MJG made it OK to be from the south. They provided a platform and sound of the south, that’s my inspiration & tribute to the OGs. Today, there isn’t too much swangin’ music left out there. So I just wanted to make some player shit that niggaz can smoke & ride too.”

“Swangin” is the first single from Mayz’s Real.Life.Raps EP 1.0, which is slated to release in July.

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