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Drake…. Be Nice For What? (Push vs Drake)

Read Carefully

By Jeff Williams | @jeffaraoh


As I write this post, arguably the most powerful man in hip-hop is in the midst of a radio tour, promoting his upcoming book on money, power, and respect. His name is J Prince.

However, his book doesn’t take center stage; it’s his declaration at the conclusion of last week that one of the most publicized rap beef of the decade, Pusha T versus Drake is officially over.


The Most Feared Man In Hip-Hop? Perhaps

His word is gospel in hip-hop. So much so that Pusha T, didn’t even perform “Infrared” arguably the best track on his recent release Daytona at Governors Ball on Friday. This is essentially the track that set this round between the two off. After speaking with him, Kanye relayed the message to Push. It’s been dead ever since.

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and/or entertainment gossip, you certainly are left unfulfilled. You probably feel like all you had was a swallow in the container. We merely scratched the surface!

This is rap Wrestlemania, and it’s no holds barred! The game was called with Pusha T up 2-1.

So, that means Pusha T won. Right?

Yes. But, does it count?

Think about this for a second: Infrared was released and he took a jab at Drake about the ghostwriting stuff. Drake bounces back with Duppy Freestyle attacking Pusha T’s credibility on his dope dealing days and following a man who gets his stuff written by the man he’s calling out for using a ghostwriter.

Pusha T was cornered. And like most people that are backed into a corner with nothing to lose, they fight for their life.

In this case, Pusha not only brought Drake’s speculated baby mother, child, and father into it, he disrespected his mother!

And if that wasn’t enough, he went on to jab at his dying friend/producer.

Drake’s producer and friend Noah “40” Shebib who has been diagnosed with M.S.

In the Story of Adidon, Pusha had made a line about having the devil flow, and by the end of the track, we damn near believed him!

I had chills listening to this track. Mixed feelings aside, this track reminded me why Pusha T has been one of my favorite MCs since he signed to GOOD Music back in 2010. His paints vivid pictures with his storytelling.

The world awaited a response from Drake. We had so many questions. How could you respond? So many things were thrown into place: blackface, potential porn star baby Mother, you name it.

And we’re still waiting. But J Prince, Thanos’d the response because to him, it got too disrespectful. It’s the pig pen mentality he stated.

Oh yes we did make an Infinity Wars Reference.

In order for Drake to bounce back, his raps essentially would have to be below the belt as well. If he stays high, he, he loses credibility and respect for not defending his family. If he goes low, he stands the risk of losing a core fan base and endorsements. He stands to lose points on character for going dark and muddy after making empowering tracks like God’s Plan and Nice For What. Pusha knew this. Like the Joker, he gave Drake the dark knight feeling. He gave him a choice.
And as I sign off, it looks like he chose to take this L at the advice of the OG’s OG. So, the questions I leave you with today are as follows:

1. Does the L count if it took below the belt bars to win? What damage will it do to his legacy?
2. Did Pusha win because of the exposure or the bars? Were his versus actually better than Drakes?
3. Do you still want a response from Drake?


Drake… Be Nice For what?


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