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Dondria Nicole Drops Two New Singles

Read Carefully

DFW Native, Dondria, has finally released new music. We first heard her in 2006 on YouTube as she flawlessly sang covers in her home while scarfing down food. Fast forward a few years later, she was signed to Jermaine Dupri’s famous label, So So Def. After releasing her mega hit, “You’re The One,” she slowly faded the scene.

Here she is again with two brand new buzz singles, hoping for the world to take notice again. The singles vary on the scale of R&B sound. “Luh Ya,” alternates between a more Trap R&B sound through the verses with hints of disco and soul. “2 Good,” (definitely a ladies anthem), is very soulful and emotional reminder of what we were introduced to from her debut single, “You’re The One.”

Check out the singles below!



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