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OFFICIAL DiveHiFlyLo Countdown Day 3 :: Past SXSW Recap of A.Dd+

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To bring in Day 3 of the Official DiveHiFlyLo Countdown, we have a few throwback videos of A.Dd+ at past SXSW events. Considering this is the week of SXSW, we thought we’d give you a recap of how Slim and Paris do things when they hit Austin, Tx. This year A.Dd+ will be back at SXSW rocking stages yet again, so be sure to check them out at the show cases they are featured in. Wednesday, March 13th, they are featured in The Event Showcase, put together by Coffeemusic Hub. Thursday, March 14th, they will also be performing at 24kbric, the Dallas by Dallas Showcase. They also will be featured in an official SXSW showcase that’s happening on Thursday as well. Peep the videos below!

A.Dd+ XXL Freshman Showcase

Slim Gravy at the XXL Freshmen Showcase

Likeamug – A.Dd+ feat. SoreLosers SXSW2011 Rappers I Know Showcase

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