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Lost Files: Dallas Art Project

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Held this summer season on Saturday, July 5, The Dallas Art Project combined the worlds of art, fashion and poetry. The Dallas Art Project was at The Basement in Dallas,Tx including food, art galleries, music, drinks and models. Networking was a definite necessity during this event being that there were numerous collaboration opportunities. Attending The Dallas Arts Project with the intention of expanding your brand, was the key that night.

Glamour Couture Boutique of Dallas, Tx was one of the talented designs that walked the runway on July 5. This womens fashion boutique showcased styles from swimwear to the summer’s latest dress trends. Check out chic styles that I loved and shop at

The collaboration of art, music, and fashion has left a big impression in the city of Dallas in the year of 2014. I look forward to the next segment of The Dallas Art Project, it’s a new beginning for the mature crowd of Dallas…do you #Cosign?

Ashley Dior

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