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COSIGN Conversations Podcast 005: Thomas Fields, CEO of GRIND Inc.

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In episode 5 of the #COSIGNConversations podcast we chat with Thomas Fields, C.E.O. of GRIND Inc., a sports technology and athletic equipment provider who recently announced the launch of “GRIND Machine”, the world’s first portable basketball shooting machine designed to enhance independent drill training- anywhere and anytime.

GRIND Machine allows the player to shoot up to 500 shots an hour by capturing rebounds and automatically passing the ball back to the player at any given spot on the court- including the NCAA 3pt regulation range. GRIND Basketball is equipped with a 12-foot net around the rim that strategically forces players to put more of an arch on their shot, translating to a higher percentage of made shots. This technique in repetition aims to increase muscle memory.

Fields believes this might be the most innovative, yet ideal shooting machine ever designed – “You practice ten times more efficiently using the shooting machine, so it was important to design this for practical use. I wanted to build something that basketball players, coaches, and trainers would love, because they could use it wherever and whenever.” said (Thomas Fields, Founder/Ceo of GRIND).In this episode we talk:-Early beginnings as an athlete-Transition from Basketball star to entrepreneur-What it took to create the first iteration of the Grind machine-Job opportunities available in sports outside of being an athlete-Grind’s recent success-Plus more.

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