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COSIGN Travel – 4 Excuses to Get Out of Town – March 2019

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We’re moving on toward the spring, and as most of the country will have thawed or will be thawing, it’s time to get out of town. March offers some of the best excuses to no only get out of town, but to become imbibed. Texas to Ireland to India to Brazil, have your air miles accounts set up and go celebrate around the world.

1.From Music to Film to Tech, thousands will descend on Austin, Texas to partake in the 10 days (March 8-17) of conference, concert, and drinking at SXSW (Southby Southwest). Well, drinking isn’t specifically a Southby thing, but it’s downtown Austin and 6th Street. For the music portion of the festival, you can get by without a badge or credentials, and still have an awesome time, and if you do your Googles and master the collecting of wristbands, you can get into some really cool shows. Bring walking shoes though.

2.Easter is late this year, so that means Mardi Gras in March! Parades, beads and breasts, along with drinking and sleep deprivation. It’s a bucket-lister, and is always a great time. But if New Orleans (March 5), is too ho-hum for you, there are the other parties going on. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro (March 1-9) and Carnival in Trinidad (March 4-5) offer you an international option, with a reputation of being wilder than Mardi Gras. Based on hearsay alone, as I have never been, every single man needs to go to Brazil before putting the jersey up in the rafters, especially for Carnival.

3.Not to cater strictly to the alcoholics, but St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), another excuse to drink, is an option.  You can go authentic and try Dublin, Ireland. It’s a family-friendlier version of the U.S. celebration, focused on the holiday, the parade and going to the pubs in the evening. And check out the Guinness Storehouse, it’s Ireland’s biggest tourist attraction. If you want to keep it stateside, there’s always the U.S.’ most Irish city I can think of, Boston. Parade and drinking is a recurring theme here, but also concerts and, well more drinking. From South Boston to Harvard Square, you will be immersed in Irish-ness.


4.Finally, a alcohol-less excuse to get out of town. Holi (March 23) in India, aka “The Festival Of Colours,” is a Hindu spring festival that includes smearing colors on each other, water guns and balloons, and oh try the bhang. Yeah, bhang isn’t alcoholic, it’s made from cannabis and is essentially a liquid edible. Damnit, under the influence again, but so what? You’re on vacation.

Steven Gerner


So please stay hydrated and keep some BC Powder handy for all of the drinking, and enjoy yourself. More to come next month. (See the previous Excuses here.)

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