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COSIGN Style: Meet TrillaReina Clothing


“TrillaReinaClothing”, is a clothing line made of two separate parts. There is “Del Rey” for men, and “Trilla Reina” for women. Designer/Creative Director Malena Janelle, defines TrillaReinaClothing as liberating, eccentric, and dope! Their goal is to redefine streetwear!


Mission statement: TrillaReinaClothing’s main mission is to combine both high-end fashion and streetwear that resonates not only in the hearts of a distinct personage, but also any men or women with individuality.


More about the designer:
TrillaReina Clothing was created by Malena Janelle, a 23 year old self-taught designer. She has been designing for about 3 years, and created TrillaReinaClothing in 2014. Although she is currently in school for business she has every intention of being the best designer she can possibly be.

Instagram: trillareina_


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