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COSIGN Magazine, #COSIGN’s Flowers Fest 2017!

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Flowers fest is a music festival that’s focused on bringing the community together to help someone and their need while having an amazing experience With food, drinks, vendors and amazing artists. Performances by Alex The Great, Lil Mighty Alpachino, Aric Evans, Blvck London, Jay Vegaz and Michael Sanchez. With Guest DJ Ursa Minor and Hosted by the Jay Wil!

We had the chance to speak with Alex the Great about Flowers Fest and more. Check out the interview below!

What is the premise behind Flowers Fest and what made you want to create this event?

Flowers fest is my opportunity to give to those in need. It all started with me asking the question “what can I do now to help out someone” and it had to be now and not later. seeing as how I’m a music artist I felt it was only right for me to use my platform and make something happen with it. So a once a year music festival was born that would help raise money for a person or cause. This is something I plan to do every year in Dallas even when I’m at the top of my profession and have millions of fans.

Why did you select the diverse lineup of artists?

I wanted to choose people who had a good heart and had real talent. They all don’t fit in the same spectrum but they are authentic to their personal music and that’s what makes an artist to me.

Who will the inaugural Flowers Fest event help?

I made the invitation for people to nominate someone who needed help but received not one nomination. With someone so close to me struggling themselves this made me realize that maybe charity needs to start at home. As a child I was raised by a village but the head of this village was my aunt… Alice Simmons. She took me in when I had no where else to go with my mom, granny, and uncle locked up and my father miles away.With her being a person so heavily involved with the community I wanted the community to have the opportunity to help her as well. Last year she faced one of her most difficult struggles, the loss of my cousin Jen. Jen, my aunts daughter, was battling through cancer and came to the realization that she was just tired and ready to be with the Lord. Throughout that struggle my aunt faced financial burdens that would put her into foreclosure. Having decided to enter bankruptcy allowed her to have a place for Jen to come home to but that day never came and the financial struggle remained. After losing her husband a few years back, she faced many financial burdens that had been hard for her to manage alone. With her personal health issues, financial struggles and just day to day challenges I want to do my part to help her surpass what life has thrown her way

Why is it important for you to give back to the community?
when I was young the very person we are helping instilled in me community values through her actions and taught me to do for others what they can’t do for themselves, whether it be getting clothes, buying food, cooking a hot meal, giving advice to woman facing familiar struggles or giving someone a place to call home. I learned from that and want to do my part as well just as i seen her do.

As an artist who does your music speak to and how does it relate to this event?

My music speaks to the dreamer and everyday person. pushing you to live a regret free life. Go after that dream, talk to that girl, make amends with that friend because you only get one life so love the life you live and live the life you love, but bob your head and feel good doing it.

What do you want people to leave with after attending?

I want people to have a good time, feel like they did something greater than themselves, know that anything is possible and be inspired to find a way to help someone out themselves.

Who do you #COSIGN?

Cordell Franklin @cordell_franklin // Chris Keys @iamChrisKeys // Krystal Hills @khills83 // George Key @jorgeKey // hvy concepts @hvyconcepts // charles Jay @TheCharlesJay

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