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COSIGN Life: 72 Hours In L.A.

Read Carefully

Words By: Chris Panayoutiou
Photos & Video By: Gavin Lueking

The #COSIGNLife can be a hectic experience, and recently was a perfect example. The release of Issue 22 was marked by our issue release event at Guns & Roses Boutique on Thursday, the day after we were at an exclusive pre-NFL Draft event at the Nike store at The Star in Frisco, and the day before we were set to fly out to L.A. for the weekend.

I fly out of Love Field and KG flies out of DFW (based on proximity to our homes and airline preference), but on this particular Friday, we both experienced delays that had us landing at LAX considerably later than anticipated. I got there first and hung out around L.A. Live for a while, before heading to our Airbnb on the edge of downtown, arriving at the same time KG and friend to the crew, Jesse Alex of Brandfiend. We were met at the room by our photographer/videographer for the weekend, Brandon Allen, and considering our late arrival, we made a late night Roscoe’s run and then called it a night.

The weekend was Uber trip after Uber trip. We began by hitting Venice Beach, where we saw the ocean, shot around at the basketball courts and checked out the street performers. We went to Crenshaw, to Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store, where wildly enough, NFL draft talk introduced us to members of the California chapter of #CowboysNation working the store. We checked out Fairfax Ave, met R&B singer Mya walking down the street, strolled up and down Hollywood Blvd, and hit the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School, where we ran into a few friends from Dallas and also interviewed Rhianna of VidaKush about her jewelry line. And we also had tech entrepreneur Everette Taylor stop by our apartment to discuss his dealings and offer his perspectives on being successful in business. (Keep an eye out for Issue 23 where each of these interviews will appear.) And Sunday concluded with a day party at The Reserve, a literally underground club with a gold vault theme.

Monday was our big day though, and we began by shooting and then interviewing industry-do-everything-er, Karen Civil. From managing brands to being an influencer to you name it, Karen Civil is in high demand, from musicians to big corporations to political campaigns. We got four looks shot between Brandon and our newly-moved-to-L.A.-from-Dallas photographer Gavin Lueking, and KG conducted the interview (also slated for Issue 23). We had rented a studio for a four-hour block, which we used every second of to complete everything, and we were off to Burbank to meet at Popular Demand CEO Blake Ricciardi at his TIMES10 studio. Luckily, my flight was delayed (something no one ever says), and I was able to make the pre-LAX trip to Burbank to check out the facility and be a part of the interview.

Post Burbank, we were off to sit in traffic for 60 minutes plus, on our way to the airport, and we were headed back to Texas, with a productive weekend under our belts. A whirlwind of a six-day stretch ended in the early hours of a Tuesday morning; exhausted, we were home.

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