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COSIGN Kicks 5 New Upcoming Releases We #COSIGN

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COSIGN Kicks 5 New Upcoming Releases we #COSIGN


And we’re Back!!! Kicking off the first Friday of 2019 with a solid line up of releases. The heat is already on a 100 for this year’s upcoming releases, not to mention the Bred 11 rumor floating around. This week we highlight some old favorites from Jordan Brand and a new favorite that has the sneaker community buzzing. Check out this weeks 5 new upcoming releases we #COSIGN below.


Air Jordan XIX OG

Release Date: 1/5

Retail: $225

About: Inspired from poisonous African snake, the Air Jordan XIX was the lightest and most flexible Air Jordan back in 2004. Finally after years,the original colorway make it’s return in true OG form. You can secure your pair on SNKRS and Jordan Brand retailers.


Nike Lebron III “SuperBron”

Release Date: 1/9

Retail: $175

About: Just like Superman, Lebron always performs the impossible. Originally released as a PE in 2005. We finally have a retro that Lebron fans can get their hands on. The Zoom Lebron III “SB”honors Lebron’s extraordinary abilities to make plays in ways no one else can. The Lebron III “SB” will be available on the SNKRS app and select Nike accounts.


Air Jordan Why Not ZER0.2

Release Date: 01/10

Retail: $125

About: Russel Westbrook is back with his second signature shoe from Jordan Brand, the Air Jordan Why Not ZERO.2. This shoe is already attracting a lot of buzz ever since pictures leaked, and Westbrook debuting the shoe on court last night. The SNKRS app did a shock drop that sold out in seconds, but don’t worry you will have a second chance to score you a pair next week. The Air Jordan Why Not ZER0.2 will be available on SNKRS and select stores with Jordan retailers.


Adidas Boost “Nite Jogger”

Release Date: 1/12

Retail: N/A

About: Adidas hitting the ground running with a new running shoe. The silhouette features an array of high-end materials upper, with a boost sole. The signature also reflects with a 3m upper. You can secure the Adidas Boost “Nite Jogger”  on adidas and select stores.



Nike Air Force 1 “A-COLD-WALL”

Release Date: 1/10

Retail: $190

About:  Made with at least 50% leather fiber. Building on a partnership that began in 2017, A-COLD-WALL and Nike return with an Air Force 1 low. Created by Samuel Ross, A-COLD-WALL is curated by representation of British street culture. The Nike Air Force 1 “A -COLD-WALL” will be available on SNKRS and select Nike stores.


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