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COSIGN Contest: We’re Looking For Talented Graphic Designers To Create Our New Merch Collection

Read Carefully

Are you a graphic designer? Want to get paid to create our new merch collection? We’re hosting a contest and are looking for the most creative artists to help us design new COSIGN merch.

To enter this contest email 2 or more¬† COSIGN concept merch designs to with “COSIGN Contest” in the subject line. We’ll post them on our social media to promote your designs. IF we choose your designs for our collection, not only will you be compensated but you’ll receive a full page article in the next issue of COSIGN Magazine sharing your story and artistry.

What are we looking for? We’re looking for creative designs that encompass COSIGN Magazine. COSIGN is about the hustle and grind of being an artist, creative, and entrepreneurship, it’s about positivity and spreading great vibes. A COSIGN is a stamp of approval and an endorsement. Feel free to also create and design a theme for the collection, the most creative ideas will win!

The competition will run from today 12/10/19 and conclude in 2 weeks on 12/23/19. Winner(s) will be announced Monday 12/30/19. #COSIGNLife

Cosign Magazine

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